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Everyday Legend Beijing Symposium 2018

From Left to Right: Zheng Guogu, Shao Yiyang, Jiang Jiehong, Shen Ruijun, Wang Yongmeng



DATE: 15 March, 2018

To continue the discussions about Chinese tradition and contemporary art, on March 15 in 2018, the international network project Everyday Legend hosted a one-day symposium at one of the partner institute, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. It was our honour to invite leading artists, scholars and practitioners in the filed of contemporary Chinese art to deliver a talk on their current research which also relates to project debates.

The topic of the talks include the followings. Professor Jiang Jiehong opened with a visual research report on the latest progress of Everyday Legend, followed by Nan Nan, Director of New Century Art Foundation, who introduced the foundation role and support toward the project in the past two years. Professor Shao Yiyang (CAFA) who gave a talk on contemporary artists who apply skills from traditional crafts in their work. Professor Lu Mingjun from the School of Art, Sichuan University had a slightly different view on ‘tradition’ which was elaborated in his talk “Aesthetics Revolution”. Renown contemporary Chinese artist Zheng Guogu introduced his latest works which visualise the wisdom brain line in the most famous thinkers in the world across history. Finally, Shen Ruijun, Lead Curator from New Century Art Foundation used Chinese garden culture to articulate her central argument on the existence of Modernism in Chinese garden tradition.

The symposium finished with a lively Q&A section with the students and staffs from CAFA.


Jiang Jiehong: Introduction to Everyday Legend
Nan Nan: the start of Everyday Legend project
Shao Yiyang: tradition in contemporary art
Lu Mingjun: aesthetic revolution
Zheng Guogu: the wisdom brain line
Shen Ruijun: Modernism in tradition
Discussion panel
Audience at CAFA
Audience at CAFA